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A bit of history …. Coffee comes from Ethiopia (probably Kafou region, from whose name might have been the very word “coffee”), which naturally grows arabinis coffee tree. Worldwide, it is believed that coffee was popularized by the Arabs.

But nowhere described the first human encounter with one of the coolest gifts of nature, which every day are enjoying millions around the world. If coffee discoverer’s name is known, then that’s possible, has long been a monument to be built.

About the origin of coffee is safe to say that the coffee tree in the world known before the man, and that his birthplace is Ethiopia’s highlands of East Africa.

Researchers have shown that caffeine improves short-term memory and reaction time. It’s long been common knowledge, but scientific evidence has emerged only in November 2005. Using functional magnetic resonance could be observed in humans, coffee drinkers, activates parts of the cerebral cortex responsible for attention and memory.

Another feature of caffeine – the operating speed. Few of these products or drugs that act start so soon. Efficiency occurs after 5 minutes. A few seconds after you take coffee, caffeine is absorbed into the gastro – intestinal tract and enters the bloodstream. Caffeine is soluble in fat and water.

Caffeine can ease breathing because the lungs opens the small bronchioles. Most smokers unconsciously use this effect as coffee some time mitigate the harmful effects of tobacco smoke in the lungs.

The researchers studied the effects of caffeine osteoporosis (a disease in which bones become brittle) development. Caffeine consumption leads to a calcium excretion in the urine strengthened. No need to coffee as the main cause of osteoporosis, but caffeine can become one of the provoking factor. People with an increased risk of osteoporosis, it may be advisable to supplement calcium, for example, daily taken with a glass of milk.

Arabica. This is the best kind of coffee, characterized with rich flavor and excellent aroma. Oblong Arabica bean pleasing to the eye and excellent taste, it is best of all kinds of coffee. The above sea level is the coffee, the better its quality. Arabica is grown on mountain slopes, where rainfalls are. Arabica need a well drained soil, two hours of sun per day, while the rest of the time to be shade. The best coffee is grown in tropical climates height of 600-1800 meters. Arabica is the absolute leader in the international coffee family. The Arabica bean-flavored drink is made, does not cause dry mouth sensation and are less times than Robusta.

Robusta. Coffee trees grow in the lower areas. Compared to Arabica, they grow quickly, are yielding and more disease-resistant. Western Europe robustus was discovered only at the end of the last century, but it quickly gained considerable economic importance, since it may be used in the lower tropical regions. Robusta is mainly used to produce instant tea and usually mixed with other types of coffee beans. Robusta beans mixture provides consistency and taste of chocolate.