Coffee Beans

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Two of the most famous coffee plants species are Arabica and Robusta. They account for about 98 percent of the total cultivated coffees in the world. Particularly valued Arabica coffee beans that grow in mountains. Arabica coffee beans are very sensitive to moisture. Warm, wet weather favors disease development on the coffee shrub leaves, such as coffee rust.

Arabica coffee production requires a lot of experience doing this type of coffee even more valuable. Arabica beans have always expressed a bright acidity and flavor that gives specific growing conditions. This type of coffee is grown from 600 to 1.200 meters above sea level. Arabica beans are used to produce about 70% of coffee products.

Robusta coffee trees grown in high-altitude 300-800 m above sea level in regions with abundant precipitation. Average annual rainfall in those areas – about 2,000 mm.
About 30% of Robusta coffee is used in the global circulation. Robusta beans are more caffeine.
Coffee taste and aroma are closely related to the origin of the coffee beans and the roasting method. Coffee flavor also depends on the type of soil, and even other plants growing in the region, which is growing games.

Roasting METHODS

Significant impact on coffee roasting by cultural differences and coffee-growing methods:

  • light or mild (cinnamon color) is suitable for roasting sweet tasting coffee. Such roasting intensifies the floral and fruit aromas. Beans takes on a light brown color and is dry;
  • the average American or roasting is also suitable for a mild, pleasant flavor, medium consistency and really strong aroma of coffee;
  • Roasting is a more complete, t. y. longer-lasting roasting;
  • European roasting is suitable when you need to get strong and bitter taste of coffee. Beans is very dark, and their surface penetrates the fat;
  • Italian (espresso) roasting is particularly difficult because the green coffee is roasted to a critical threshold, but give excellent organoleptic results. Espresso beans takes shine to the surface and dark brown color. It is roasted beans are suitable for small milling, which is necessary for the production of espresso.

Immerse yourself in the rich aroma of coffee world and discover the unique taste for yourself!