Coffee Recipes


  • Espresso (It. espresso – “squeezed”) – a mild flavor, flavored, coated nuts in color with lighter and darker stripes froth strong coffee served in a preheated small cups. Espresso coffee is taken very quickly. After oral administration of her mouth remains a pleasant taste. Prepared from 7g of coffee and 40ml of water Served 60-90 ml thick-walled cups.
  • Ristretto – a very tiny fragrant cup of coffee, ready for a good espresso-based, using 15-20 ml. water. Served 60-90 ml cups with a glass of non-carbonated water.
  • Cappuccino (capucino) – strong coffee with a little milk. This coffee is served in big cups. Prepared from 50 ml of hot milk and about 50 ml of milk foam and 40 ml of fragrant espresso. On already prepared to pour a drink cinnamon or chocolate. This coffee is not very hot, it is covered by glossy film.
  • Macchiato espresso coffee prepared on the basis of milk with a little beaten. This 60 ml of ultra-flavored drink that is very reminiscent of cappuccino coffee. It will prepare 7g coffee, 40ml of water and 20 ml of milk cream. Coffee contains 60-90 ml cups with a glass of non-carbonated water.
  • Coffee creme. This coffee is light, cream-colored and prepared with more water than espresso. This coffee maker, we recommend using a medium or Lendvai Professional roasting coffee beans.
  • Caffè latte is prepared from 30-40 ml of splendid taste of espresso coffee made from coffee beans Professional. On already prepared espresso poured 100ml of hot milk. The drink is served in tall, about 160 ml beaker.
  • Latte Macchiato – it will need to prepare a half servings of espresso and very hot (~ 75 ° C) milk cream. Coffee is served at high about 300 ml glass cup or a cup with a handle.
    Frappe coffee – coffee is very popular in various countries of the South, especially in Italy and Spain. Cold coffee is made from very strong instant coffee to shake with a variety of accessories: ice cream, whipped cream, syrup or crushed ice chips.